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Catch the film yourself. You won’t regret it!
— The Dove Foundation
Integrity. Identity. Peer pressure (even for adults). Courage. Relationships. Outstanding performances! Great lessons! Fantastic music! I highly recommend this family, faith-filled DVD!
— Five Saved By Grace Blog
this movie is both timely and on target. It would be excellent for families to watch and talk about together.
— Melissa, Frugal Creativity Blog
there is no greater need right now than to enforce a strong sense of faith within the family than ever before and the reason why I give this one a 4.5 out of 5 stars.
— Reviews From The Heart Blog
If you have teens, you need to watch this DVD with them!
— Nicole Henke, Bless Their Hearts Mom Blog
A good DVD to show us how we should live, not just going through the emotions. Highly recommended.
A family dealing with normal life issues, stress, questions, etc. So we aren’t the only one!!... Seeing this family go through trial, struggle and celebration was a really great story.
— Jamie Tomkins, Tiger Strypes Blog
I highly recommend this show, it will help your whole family with some valuable life lessons.
— Annette Anderson, Mimi Loves All 8 Blog
I will be honest toward the end I did have a couple of tears. The ending was great!
— Steve Patterson, Courageous Christian Father Blog
it goes beyond just a relationship with God. It covers living with integrity...Movies like these have a way of speaking to my kids when nothing else seems to work too.
— Crystal, Tidbits Of Experience Blog
great movie to promote family unity.
— Shonda, The Knowlton Nest
great movie to watch with preteens or older teens, as a way to open a dialogue about the pressures they face, and what’s really most important to your family.
— Bekah, Motherhood Moment Blog